46 Days of Radiation Complete!

Mike is very excited that he has completed 46 days of radiation!!  He will continue Chemotherapy each month and Avastin every two weeks, but not having radiation every day is something we are celebrating!!  On the last day patients ring a bell that you see in the pictures below.  We are looking forward to celebrating with our friends on Saturday evening. We appreciate those that have stood with us in prayer and we are still believing in God’s mighty power, peace and healing!

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One response to “46 Days of Radiation Complete!

  • Joyce Hicks

    yea done I have a photo of carolyn my sister’s last day of chemo at the cancer center in okc on her ovarian cancer she was glad to be done and I’m sure you are too Mike so glad and so glad your energy level will improve as well so you can be better than before. Love you Son

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