Lets Celebrate!

Mike finishes radiation on Oct 11th and I am thinking that we should celebrate with him!  This isn’t the end of treatment, but it is the end of the first phase of it.  On Oct 12th at 7pm we will have a celebration dinner/get together here at the house.  Its an open invitation to anyone who wants to show Mike some support and celebrate with us…and an excuse for me to make a ridiculous amount of food and open up our home to friends for a visit. 🙂

Its hard to say how Mike is feeling overall because it varies so much day to day and week to week.  The last couple of days he has had headaches so I have contacted the Duke nurses.  He is at the end of his Decadron taper (slowly going off of the steroids that keep the brain swelling down) so that may need to be adjusted.  Hopefully he can get off the Decadron soon.  The most noticeable side effects are weight gain and irritability.

Keep the October 30th appointment in your prayers.  We are trying to not be anxious about it, and we are praying for a positive MRI!

2 responses to “Lets Celebrate!

  • Symyra

    Well, praise the Lord! One phase down!! It was so good to have him over here to watch the game with Thomas! He is such a strong, positive person.
    Althought he didn’t will the Cowboys to when that game for us….Lol He is definitely a living testimony of what God can and will do! We will always keep Mike and the family in our prayers! Love you all,
    The Holloways

    • shaunablogsphotostuff

      I hope you and Thomas will think about celebrating with us! It was changed to Saturday the 13th at 6pm. 🙂 I appreciate you guys!!

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