It looks like Mike’s next clinic appointment at Duke is October 30th.  He will have an MRI to see how the treatment seems to be doing so far.  Be praying for no new tumors and no regrowth!!  After that visit he will start Part B of the study.  This part of the study consists of up to 12 cycles.  Each cycle is 28 days long.  Basically, 4 weeks.  He will get the Avastin (IV at the local oncologist) on day 1 of the cycle and day 15 (still every other week).  He will also take Temodar (chemo pills) for days 1 – 5 of the cycle and then have no more Temodar for the additional 23 days of the cycle.  This dose of the Temodar will be much bigger than the dose he took during radiation so he will take this dose at bedtime so that he can sleep through any nausea he may have.  He will still have Zofran which seems to be keeping the nausea under control.

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  • Joyce Hicks

    shauna I read yourl last post its hard for you I can imagine it is for me being so far away I feel even more blind but like you say we can’t do it…only GOD in his unknown ways can save Mike and I pray he does just that!!!! He alone can know how I feel with my own son’s life being at stake hopefully he will be one of the few , the proud, and a long term survivor..!! like the marine corp motto!!! I want to talk to my friend and prayer warrier Linda and I put her e-mail address to follow your blog she always seems to know what to say and who to say it too GOD 1st .I love you and so glad you are a christian in my son’s life and his advocate with this terrible cancer He is blessed and so glad he is savedl… Kids hang in there and show all the love you can to mom and dad … God will reward you for your patience and love ok grandma Joyce loves you all so much so sorry for the struggles you are all going through…. peace be with you all later love you

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