The first couple days of recovery were amazing.  I think we had a bit of an adrenaline rush knowing that he had come out of surgery so well and we were excited that there was no tumor regrowth.

His surgery started at 4:20pm on Friday and at 5:30pm I was taken to a consult room to meet with the doctor to find out that the surgery was a lot quicker than the surgeon expected..  By noon on Saturday Mike was getting ready to be discharged from the hospital straight from ICU.  That was pretty exciting.  Saturday night we ate dinner in the restaurant at the hotel, and Sunday we went to Duke Gardens and walked around for a little bit.  About day 3 and 4 he was feeling wore out.  I emailed the nurse and after she asked a few questions, she said that it sounded like fatigue, and said that is to be expected after two brain surgeries in such a short amount of time.  So, we started to take it a little more easy and we did a lot of laying around in the hotel room.

Now we are at home and his energy level hasn’t improved too much.  The nurse said it could be because of the medications he is on, or simply his body recovering from the two surgeries.

We are home for about a week and a half and then we have to go back to Duke for an MRI and a followup appointment.  That visit will just be an overnight visit in Durham.  The MRI is scheduled for 9:45pm and then the appt is scheduled at 6:40am the next morning and we will head back home after the appointment.  The earliest he can start radiation and chemo is the 24th, (because healing time is required after the surgery) so he could possibly start Monday the 27th.

While we are home we are enjoying the little things…Cameron playing his video games and the funny relationship between him and Kenzie…Kayla having friends over and going to the mall…Kenzie playing in the backyard in a dirt pile…and me getting behind my camera again where I can escape everything and just feel total peace.  I even managed to book a small wedding for an upcoming weekend with a really sweet bride, and a session for some photos of a GORGEOUS baby that are being taken to Wilhelmina Model Agency in NYC so I have a couple things to look forward to.  Mike is keeping himself busy soaking it all in, taking naps, and watching a movie now and then.  We had a conversation about being content to “just be.”  And thats where are are at.

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  • Kim


    My name is Kim Frye (maiden name is Kim Simon). I knew Mike when he was stationed at Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA. He’s was probably 21 years old. I was doing a search on Michael Phelps when Mike Emmons name came up because he is still in touch with a friend of a friend on Facebook. I saw the beautiful picture of your family and realized it was attached to your blog. I wanted to tell you how incredibly lucky Mike is to have you. Your obvious love for him and your faith in God are amazing. You have tremendous strength. My prayers are with you and your family. Please extend my love and well wishes to Mike. I look forward to your future blogs, especially the one that says he has made a full recovery and is in remission. Remember, you are not alone. There are many people saying prayers and willing to extend a helping hand. I know you are trying to remain strong for Mike. I can only hope that you are allowing others to help you and provide you with the same support you are giving Mike. Your health and well being are just as important. I know you don’t know me, but your words and faith really touched me. I wish you all the best as you begin the next phase.

    Much love and prayers,

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