Duke – Day 1

We had a great day of appointments at Duke.   We spoke with Dr Henry Friedman about our options and have decided to treat this agressive cancer with an aggressive plan.  We have decided on a specific clinical trial that involves another brain surgery by Dr Allen Friedman (will schedule tomorrow morning for next week at Duke) to implant chemo wafers.  He will also check for any regrowth or remnants of the tumor.  After the brain has about 4 weeks to recover Mike will begin radiation, temodar, and avastin (these follow up treatments can be done in Chesapeake with our local oncologists working with both Dr Henry Friedman and Dr Allen Friedman.)  We are thankful that Duke has provided more options. One huge blessing is that Mike is elligible to participate in this clinical trial – avastin is ridiculously expensive and will be provided in the clinical trial.  We will also have to travel back to Duke about 2 weeks after the surgery, and then also every 8 weeks for MRI’s to check for any new tumor activity.

Thank you for all the prayers and support.  We are overwhelmed daily by the inpouring of love from all of you.

Dr Friedman was featured on 60 minutes for the hope that he gives his patients.  We are blessed to be at Duke.  I’m thankful that God placed someone in our path that has been through this and encouraged me to call Duke from the very beginning.  (Thanks Karen!)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efjZUHDGPbY&feature=youtu.be

One response to “Duke – Day 1

  • Karen

    You are so welcome. All the glory to God for what He has done in my life and enabled me to share what I can with you. I know that I am just paying it forward because some day, God will use you in the path of another the same way that He has used me for you. 🙂 Prayers continued. God is the biggest!!!

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