Duke-bound, next week!!

Mike has two days worth of consultation appointments at Duke next week (Wednesday and Thursday), so we are heading to Durham NC for a little romantic getaway. (ha!)  I lovingly and teasingly referred to the hospital room as our Honeymoon Suite because we had so much quality time together during the last couple of stays and we even took walks around the hallways holding hands.  And we had chocolate covered fruit thanks to Sheila… doesn’t get much more romantic than that!  Oh, and Crystal gave us homemade cookies so I snuck down to the patients fridge for milk and we had milk and cookies as a late night snack.  🙂  Mike didn’t have a choice in the handholding since he was a bit dizzy and unsteady – so don’t give him too hard of a time on that one. (those that know us well know we have never been the hand holding type so you will get a laugh out of that)

3 responses to “Duke-bound, next week!!

  • Joyce Hicks

    yes I love the blogs and I’m in it with you too Mike is so dear to my heart and I know you are doing good things for him and the holy spirit will lead you and guide you through this and GOD will show up and show off that is so cute but really real He confirms with others like the “who’s report do you believe” he confirms it through others and that’s why I did not do chemo or radiation because the cancer was out of my body and I didn’t want to put poison in to kill something that was no longer there. I know he has it…. and what ever they can do will help a great deal… THANKS GOD have a good trip to nc next week is it the 18-19 of july.. love you all lots grandma joyce

  • Mercedes

    Just wanted you to know that I’m here and reading every post you make. My thoughts are with you a lot and I just know that you will find a lot of answers by visiting Duke. I definitely believe that after your visit, you will know in your heart what is the best course of care for Mike. Much love to you!

  • Ken Gill

    Just informed about Mike and your Blog. You and your family are in our prayers. Please let me know if your need ANYTHING. Colonel Ken Gill

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