No visibility

Since I’m the one blogging I’m trying to be sensitive to Mike and not put all his feelings, moods, and play by play moments out there.  This is a private time… but at the same time, I know so many people care and want updates…and well, I just felt like God wanted me to blog, so I did.  For the record…it is incredibly UNLIKE me to share my faith, feelings and thoughts freely and its honestly a little bit uncomfortable.  But so is life in general right now…  This blog started as a way to just let people know what happened and to give quick updates.  That felt really impersonal.  So I guess it has become much more intimate.

I’ve heard Pastor Nancy tell this story before, but today it spoke to me in a much different way.  She told us this morning in church about a time that she was driving in a snowstorm and had no visibility past the hood of the van.  I’m sure this was stressful – being responsible but really having no options besides moving forward blindly – She could not pull over because of snow banks, so all she could do was roll down the window and watch the center line to be sure she stayed on the road and keep driving – and she had to trust God for the rest.  She trusted in God and He kept them safe from a multi-car pileup ahead.  The story is probably more dramatic then I am telling second hand, but I wanted to stick to the basics of the story and not accidentally add anything myself.


I also remember watching some trucker reality tv show in a hotel room (Ice Road Truckers maybe?) and I remember two truckers being in a snow storm and the front experienced guy trucker told the female trucker behind him to just ride his bumper, keep up speed, and lightly hold the steering wheel while they got through the storm…she had no visibility….that took some major trust…and I’m sure her heart was beating out of her chest.  Thats kinda how I feel some moments through this.


Both stories are so similar to how Mike and I feel lately.  Its like we are driving in fog with zero visibility and we can only look to the left and be sure we stay along the yellow line to stay on the road – but we have to keep moving forward and have to trust God for everything else.  We have no idea what is ahead of us, but we know we can’t pull over or stop.

We have to be calm, be still, and know that He is God.

God…being the cool God that He is…has given me two affirmations today that He has not forgotten about us or left us to fight this alone.  Earlier in the week – which feels like years ago already – I posted a link to a song that proclaims “Who’s report will you believe? I will believe the report of the Lord!”  That song has been on my heart all week and I’ve been claiming for Mike that “His report says he is healed, His reports says he is free, and His report says VICTORY!”  Thats been a “prayer”…or whatever you want to call it..all week.  Today I saw someone talking to Mike in church during worship and I could tell it was quick and powerful, but I didn’t ask until we were driving home what was said.  I was in my own little world with my God at the time.  Mike said that it was “something about the report of the Lord.”  Good God Almighty – that gave me the perfect opportunity to tell Mike what the report of the Lord is for his life!!  I don’t know what “healing” “free” or “victory” means to God for Mike…but I know that we can have peace knowing that we are right on target.

This photo is quite perfect – it was sent to me on facebook today by a friend.

2 responses to “No visibility

  • jen Jarmusz

    God never leaves us and He is a great big mighty God!

  • Jennifer (wolle) Tennermann

    I love reading your blogs! Your faith is like music to my ears……it has strengthen my own faith! All we can do is pray and let god take the steering wheel, and that is “alot”……please know that we all love you and your family… from your old state, Minnesota,
    Jenn Tennermann (wolle) and family.

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