One Step at a Time

The process…thats what drives me crazy.  Our friends Mike and Amber prayed with us one night last week and at the end Amber said that she felt God was saying “Submit to the process.”   Those words have gotten me through quite a few moments of anxiety when I catch myself trying to plan ahead for each possible scenario, or trying to make decisions on steps of the process that we have not even reached yet.  There are so many unknowns, so many decisions to make…and I feel so unequipped to make these decisions.  When I remember to submit to the process and deal with the step we are at it is much easier and less overwhelming.  But I do have to tell myself to submit to the process about 15 times a day.  Seriously…that often.

Mike has an appointment on Tuesday with a local Radiation Oncologist for a consultation appointment to discuss/schedule treatment.

I also spoke with the doctor from Duke today and he said it was a good surgery (from the MRI’s that I send him) and that they have some different treatment options. The next step for Duke is to go there for two days of appointments and then we can decide where we want to receive treatment or what treatment we think is best for Mike.

I will be calling the insurance company in the morning to find out if Duke is an option – and if it is I will get those appointments scheduled asap so we can move forward.  The doctor from Duke said not to start any treatment here if we want to go there so I guess its a matter of gathering information and making a decision at this point.

We are really anxious to get started on treatment…

It is so hard to submit to the process.

Please continue to pray for us.  We really do appreciate all of the prayers so much.  I’m praying that God will keep us wrapped in His arms through this, that He will give us wisdom and peace of mind that we are making the right decisions, and that we will have the strength to enjoy each day and to seek the joy of the Lord even during this rough time.

2 responses to “One Step at a Time

  • Karen

    Glad to hear that you talked with Duke. Please do go ahead and schedule those appts with them. You will not regret it! 🙂 Especially if they are saying they have treatments they can offer you. If the insurance gives you a hard time, don’t worry about it. I say make the appts and then worry about the insurance company later. You can always fight with them later. 🙂 The appt for the radiation consult, they will probably fit him for his “mask” and set up when he will start coming (they want to make sure the radiation is consecutive, so starting radiation and then stopping to go to appts at Duke might not work very well). That is why I say get to Duke as soon as you can so that you can make the right choice before moving too far forward with the radiation locally. 🙂 Continued prayers! 🙂

  • Symyra

    Yes, I agree…..Submit to the process! Take one step at a time, be of good courage and he will strengthen your heart! Wait I say on the Lord!! God knows it’s easier said than done and if talking to yourself every hour on the hour helps……then do it!! Know that the Holloway’s are praying with and for you Mike and your entire family!! And we truly love these updates!! Keep the faith! Symyra and Thomas

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