Answered Prayers

God has been so good through this whole process….

We prayed for a quick recovery and Mike recovered amazingly quick.

I was praying about some insurance issues, and they are resolved.  🙂  That is one big relief!!

I am overnighting a package to The Preston Robert Tish Brain Tumor Center at Duke this morning with Mike’s MRI results and Pathology Slides.  Once the doctor reviews Mike’s information we will talk to him to find out if Duke is a better option for treatment instead of doing it here locally.  The doctor personally called me to respond to my inquiry so that was impressive.

Gods still got this.  🙂

3 responses to “Answered Prayers

  • Symyra

    YES HE DOES!! Always keep that in mind and know that God will NEVER leave the Emmon Family nor foresake you all!! HE IS a HEALER and a WAY MAKER!! This I know personally!!! Yall heard MY testimony!! Keep the faith! The Holloways’ will continue to keep you all in our prayers> Love, Symyra and Thomas

  • Joyce Hicks

    LORD THANKS So don’t hesitate Shauna he is my boy I know he is grown but still …..thanks so much and let me know …anything?

  • Brittany Maul

    It sounds like they will be personally invested in Mike’s treatment at Duke. That is a good sign. I am hoping for some insight from Duke and praying for the wisdom to make the best decision as far as treatment options. I love you all and again, there is a prayer in my heart for you all constantly.

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