Sighs of Relief

On top of dealing with the stress and heartache that comes with the situation at hand, I’ve also been dealing with the insurance company.  Today I finally got information that eased the anxiety that I’ve been feeling regarding that end of things.  It looks like we are facing about $6000 worth of medical bills so far. This is actually good news compared to the news we received Monday.  Monday after his surgery I received paperwork that stated we were going to be responsible for 50%. That would have been so much more than $6000.  

I know that I have vented and stressed out about that, and many of you have talked me through the situation – so I just wanted to pass on the information that it is figured out. I appreciate the messages of advice that I received. I also got his insurance plan changed a little bit so that he can now self refer to the doctors of his choice instead of having to go through to naval hospital as they requested.  For that to become active today (and not have to wait another full month), that paperwork had to be processed in 2 days, and it was. (They told me the process would take 2-5 days, so I was holding my breath and praying that it was going to go through quickly)  

Now I can relax for the weekend knowing that we can go into the cancer treatment plan phase without the anxiety of the insurance mystery.  

We are getting a little bit restless and going a tad bit stir crazy.  We have been either in the hospital or at home for the last two weeks.  We are not “sit around and relax” kind of people. Not that we really have had time to get bored.  It seems as soon as we start to get bored, Mike’s pain sets in and we are then concentrating on pain management.  The cycles of pain are becoming less and less each day and easier to manage.

We are learning to find enjoyment in simple things like walks and sitting by the lake out back…  And food.  :/  The big entertainment each day is who is bringing what over. We did watch one movie the other day but we aren’t really TV watchers.  We will be busier now that Kenzie is home.  She’s been staying with Nana so I could concentrate on keeping Mike taken care of but today we decided to start getting the family all back home.  Cameron is still in MD with my sister, but he will be home by Monday.  

Everything is starting to get back to “normal”…only if you know my family, you know that our “normal” has always been a little…crazy.  

We are getting back to a “calmer, more peaceful normal.”  <—- Part of Gods big perfect plan. 

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