I don’t have the energy to blog a lot of details, but this is what we know for now.  Mike came out of surgery yesterday afternoon, and I praise God that the surgery went well.  Mike came out able to speak and move his body parts on both sides of his body.  His peripheral vision was not restored.  The tumor is a high grade malignant tumor, which means cancer.  We will get more information next week after a thorough biopsy and report on the tumor can be made. The doctor was not able to implant the chemo tablets during surgery, and at that point I wasn’t following all of the technical names of the brain to remember why. Something about the fluid – it would block the natural fluids of the brain.  Things were getting foggy with the news and trying to stay strong.  Mike spent the night in ICU and I am going to get back there again today as soon as visiting hours allow me to.  I’m hoping he can go to a step down unit today so that I don’t have to leave his side.  He was sleepy and had pain yesterday, but the ICU is taking great care of him.  We are concentrating on recovery from the surgery and then we will face the rest when we come to it. The rest of the results on the tumor will be back next week.  He had another MRI yesterday, and I haven’t spoken to the doctor except for the initial conversation right after the surgery. We are feeling strong because we have God and a great amount of people praying for us and walking through this with us.  Its hard to concentrate on the immediate issue, which is recovering.  My mind tries to race ahead to plan and predict the next step, but I’m trying really hard to concentrate on each day as it comes.

God has a plan here, and I am walking it out knowing He’s got this.  I’ve cried.  But I’ve also praised Him for the amazing work that He is doing in our lives.  Remember, this is a good report!  I will believe the report of the Lord, and He is a healing God…a God of Restoration….a God of Peace…God is omnipotent.  He is healing and restoring not only Mike’s brain through this, but other areas of our lives as well.  Our relationship with God, our marriage, and our family will be stronger as we walk this through.

I cannot tell everyone enough how encouraging it is to know that people are praying.


One response to “Surgery

  • Bianca Spivey

    We will continue to pray my dear sister!!! You are an encouragement to others as you stand strong with Adonai and He will give you the strength and grace to walk through this and we are believing with you and your family. We know and have seen what Yahuwah(God) can do. So always hope and believe for your miracle. We will be believing too. Scripture says where two agree on anything on this earth according to His will(and i believe healing is His will) shall be done for them. So we will stand on that because i know there are more than two here standing!! Love you and thank you for the updates.

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